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Marijuana Seeds: Hemp Seed Coffee

Here at Demon Seeds we often find ourselves intrigued about marijuana related products or news, we have recently been interested in the new craze that is hemp seed coffee. Here at Demon Seeds we are in the business of selling marijuana seeds and the marijuana seeds are sold for collection and display purposes only and we do not condone using them illegally.

The coffee brand which caught our eye; Hippie Butter Hemp Seed Coffee, is made by blending 100% Canadian-roasted Hemp Seeds with organic coffee beans from Mexico.

So why would you opt for hemp seed coffee as opposed to a good java? Hemp seed is good for you! The coffee contains Omegas 3, 6 and 9. Hemp seed coffee contains oil, fibre, amino acids, protein and vitamin E complexes. Some of the acids found within hemp seeds also have health benefits such as reducing the risk of heart disease; studies even suggest that these acids can help relieve the symptoms of arthritis. It is also thought that the hemp coffee is less acidic than regular coffee meaning it is gentler on the stomach.

What’s more hemp seed coffee tastes great, the hemp in hemp seeds provide a smooth nutty flavour which tastes divine when combined with good quality coffee beans.

Hemp contains a very low amount of the psychoactive component THC and it is for this reason that hemp is in fact legal in many countries. It is so low that you cannot get high, even by consuming vast amounts. Hemp is cultivated on a commercial scale in china, Chile, Canada and North Korea.

At Demon Marijuana Seeds we have previously reported on many hemp products such as hemp milk, hemp biscuits and cake. We are increasingly coming across reports on the benefits of using hemp as part of a stable diet, it is low in sodium, packed with vitamins, minerals and omega, and contains no cholesterol!

To find out more about Demon Seeds and to browse our large selection of top quality marijuana seeds visit our website today.