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Cannabis Seeds; Marijuana or Cannabis

Here at Demon Cannabis Seeds we stock a large collection of cannabis seeds for sale and shipping. We have recently become interested in some of the terms used for the drug we prefer to call cannabis. Why do we use these terms? What do they mean to us? Where did they come from? We explored this a little and came across some interesting concepts.

We would like to emphasise at this point that we do not support or encourage the use of Cannabis as an illegal drug, the seeds we sell are for collection purposes only.

Some slang terms and abbreviations of cannabis we found include:

-weed             -pot                 - Hashish

-ganja             -Mary J           -grass

These are just a few, in fact we found hundreds, and the list can go on!

It has been suggested that the term ‘pot’ derives from the measurement in which the drug was sold illegally in the 60’s, it would be sold in a small pot or lid.

The slang ‘Mary J’ is simply a variation of the word Marijuana broken down into a name; ‘Mari’ and ‘juana’ ie ‘Mary Jane’ or ‘MJ’ or ‘Mary J’.

‘Hashish’, thus ‘Hash’ comes from the Arabic word translated as dry weed.

Here at Demon Seeds we recently heard of some ‘off the wall’ accusations and assertions regarding the term Marijuana. The publisher of the blog/ article in question claimed that the word ‘Marijuana’ is in fact dirty in Britain! He/ she even went as far to say that referring to cannabis as marijuana is ‘derogatory’. Some have suggested that the name derives from a select number of people in the 60’s attaching a more exotic, Americanised term to the drug. It was thought that this would encourage people to avoid using it. Other assertions made regarding the term Marijuana stated that it was prejudice and racist.

We appreciate Cannabis Seeds for their collection purposes and have a large range ready for delivering quickly and discreetly. So whatever you like call cannabis be it ‘pot, ‘Ganja’ or ‘Grass’ why not take a look at the ‘weed seeds’ available at our website.